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What’s the “Book” on you Just like horse racing, where the odd’s makers consult the “book” on a particular
horse, there also exists a “book” on each driver. For horses it’s actually factual documentation of performance, for drivers, the actual book is fictitious but the “story” is true. The “book” on every driver is made up of the impressions created with everyone of significance a driver meets in racing. What’s the “book”
on you – what are the impressions that you have left?.

The following piece appeared in Autosport Magazine August 2010 (England) and featured the very subject as it related to the current breed of F1 drivers.


Who is the fastest? Hamilton. The smartest? Button. The most cunning? Alonso. The most errorfree? Kubica. The toughest in battle? Webber. The most adaptable? Vettel. This may be correct but it’s important to remember that each of these drivers possesses each of these qualities – some just have it as a primary and some as a secondary.

Every driver is a “unique” athlete and it is up to him/her or his/her team to develop the most complete package possible during his/her career. Those results and how he/she got there is what becomes his “book”.

A drivers “book” starts being set immediately his/her career starts. If is driver gets frustrated and that emotion effects the performance, that is logged in his/her “book” by a team manager, mechanic or owner. If a driver is a poor qualifier, that get’s logged. If he/she is relentless and mistake free in races and under pressure, that gets logged in the “book”. The “book” on the driver also becomes known to everyone in the paddock because they all talk to one another.

What’s the “book” on you today – what do you want the “book” to be on you when you are at your very best? What “book” do you want to leave for others to follow?
Derek Daly

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