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Parents Dilemma

  • How can my son/daughter pursue a career as a professional race car driver?
  • If so few ever “make it”, how can I at least know that any investment will be well spent?
  • How can we attract sponsorship if we don’t really know where we are going – or how to get there?
  • How can we eliminate HOPE from being the success strategy?

These questions are asked within families every day. Motor racing is one of the true gladiator challenges where the sacrifices are great but so can be the rewards. Motor racing is also an expensive and dangerous sport that unbelievably does not have a strong support or development system. Football, basketball, hockey or any other main stream sport has a nationwide structure that develops athletes and sends the greats to careers with untold wealth for the success stories. Until now, there has never been such a development and management path laid out for race car drivers. There are driver assistance programs, driver coaches, and managers, but nothing to date has created a systematic development and management of the driver until the creating of the Complete Champion Model (CCM). CCM is the first of its kind in the sport that has the potential to revolutionize how we develop the drivers of the future. The beauty of CCM is that no matter how much talent your driver has, CCM is designed to develop the driver into the very best he/she can be – what more could any ask for? HOPE is no longer the strategy.

Hope is NOT a strategy

Does the star athlete develop the sport or does the sport develop the star athlete? In football, baseball, hockey or basketball, the simple answer is that the sport develops the star athletes with a systematic development structure within the teams who focus on the individual development of the athlete as it integrates him into the team. This is a highly successful planned and executed process whereby teams INVEST in the success of their athletes.


In motorsports there is no such integrated plan. Teams at the lower levels mainly concentrate on running their business knowing that their drivers will more than likely not be there the following season. Motorsports teams seldom invest in their drivers and even if they do, what happens when the driver moves to another team the following year – what development plan does he follow then?

Historically, when stick & ball sport teams make self serving decisions, those decisions are usually focused on sustained winning. When a team drafts a player, their intention and plan is that the player will develop and spend his career with that team. The team invests in his career by providing the athlete with all the professional development support he might need.


The reality is that motorsports teams NEVER draft a driver as a long term prospect. If this is a fact, then why would they invest in the driver and provide a systematic development program? Instead, they leave the development headache to the parents, and they charge them for the privilege and HOPE that the partnership is a success. If it’s not, the parents have the privilege of paying for another lesson, or the team uses the driver as the excuse for their failures and they move on to the next driver/parent combination – and so the cycle goes. DDA is focused on removing HOPE from being a strategy for developing a driver.

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